Guidelines for charging your washing card

There is a communal laundry facility in each of the halls of residence. Heltne, Porse, Myrane and Røysmarka have pay-as-you-go cards that you will be given when you move in.

If you lose this card, please notify us a soon as possible so that we can cancel it. You are otherwise responsible for the use of this card for as long as it is valid. You must return this card when you leave. If you do not do so, there will be a charge.

The washing machines and driers can only be used between 7am and 11pm (except at Myrane, where access is 24/7 because the laundrette is in its own building).

Each wash cycle costs 12 kroner and each drying cycle is 10 kroner.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use your own washing or drying machine – or your own dishwasher at our halls of residence. The only exceptions are Heltne C-011 and C-012. 

Charging of washing card at Heltne, Porse, Myrane og Røysmarka.


  • You will receive the Miele Logic chip for our touch-free laundry system in Elvegata 24 when you move in.
  • Log onto the washing facilities at Heltne, Porse and Myrane via the homepage to the Student Welfare Services using your username and password.
  • Select the language, English or Norwegian.
  • Select <account/payment>, you will automatically get access to your account
  • Choose <payment to account>, then the sum you wish to add. Here you can also transfer money back to your private account whenever you wish.
  • Go to payment, choose your card provider: Visa or Mastercard/Eurocard.
  • The function for reserving a time slot is currently unavailable.
  • You can now go to the washing room and start using the machines by putting the chip in the right place and choosing the programme.
  • You can find the instructions for washing and drying on the wall in the washing room.
  • You can check your account at any time by going into the website, or by using the receipt printer on the wall in the washing room.
  • If you lose the chip, you must yourself withdraw the amount of money remaining on it by using the website and your password.
  • You can get a new chip and password from our office for a small fee.