Dear tenant,

Cleaning: It is very important that you all work well together at keeping the shared facilities clean and tidy (kitchen, livingroom, bathroom). This is important to reduce the spreading of the virus.
As another measure to reduce the spreading of the virus we will increase the cleaning frequencies of several of the spaces at the student villages, such as elevator, banisters, doorknobs, etc.),
Quarantine: The Norwegian Government decides the guidelines for quarantine if this is needed. We ask you to stay updated and follow the information and guidelines from FHI (Folkehelseinstituttet). 
If isolation is needed than this is something that is decided by the Government and, if such a situation should occur, they will be responsible for this.
Social arrangements: We encourage you to limit social contact and gatherings with large numbers of people, according to the FHI’s guidelines. 
If something is unclear or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at by phone on 70 07 52 40
And remember; wash your hands often, don’t shake anyone’s hands, and if you must sneeze use a handkerchief or your elbow.

Need someone to talk to? 

You may email our counselor, Eli Anne Løksa, Monday to Friday 08.00-15.30: or call +47 992980.