Enrollment: 1st. of March

Outside of the main enrollment, we offer places when they are available. SiVolda has joint admission with Volda municipality. This means that all parents/guardians apply through a joint admission. 

Samskipnaden shall make it possible for students with children to finish their studies as well as the educational institution reaching their goals. If there are vacancies we also offer places to people other than students. 

The kindergarten shall make sure that children develop self-belief, in both themselves and their identity. Respect and tolerance for others is important. The nurseries work towards developing understanding and self-belief between the nursery and home. 

Facts about the student kindergarten:

  • Pedagogues in all departments
  • A lot of experience taking care of students’ children
  • Network building for newly arrived parents
  • The nurseries are close to the Høgskole and student accommodation

Life in the kindergarten


Childhood is a phase in life where a child’s values are developed similar to other phases in a person’s life. Childhood is a time where play and experiences, fantasy, creativity and inquiry are developed. 
Interaction with other people is critical for children’s learning and development. The personnel meet children in a way that develops respect, acceptance, trust and belief. 

Care, joy and humor

Care, joy and humor are all vital parts of student kindergarten everyday life. Good care enhances the children’s ability to gradually develop trust and belief in themselves and others. It also enables them to develop good relations and to gradually take more responsibility for themselves and the community. 

Play and learning

Through a safe and challenging environment the nursery shall give children the opportunity for play, expressing themselves and meaningful activities. Children’s play shall always remain in focus and we have great knowledge about children, childhood and play. Through play the children will learn, gain positive energy and lots of joy. 

Our core value of children and childhood has inspired us to come up with a this vision:

“Our nurseries provide great care and the opportunities for play and learning.” 

Our nurseries work to ensure that parents can feel sure that their children are happy and enjoying their time in nursery such that the parents can focus on their studies. We have long experience of looking after the students’ children. 

Our nurseries shall play a positive role in your and your child’s everyday life. 

Welcome to our nursery!