Rokken has become a venue that the whole community can be proud of. Since the opening in 2005 artists such as Side Brok, Madrugada, Datarock, Marit Larsen, Kaizers Orchestra, CC Cowboys have played there. Rokken has been built for supreme musical entertainment, and several of the artists have complemented Rokken as being one of the best musical venues in the country.

The daily operation of Rokken is a close cooperation between Studentsamfunnet i Volda and other student organisations. One of the primary aims of the house is to create a place that thrives on a good atmosphere and creates a sense of belonging for the Volda students. The Rokken management team will together with the students develop an attractive and varied offer that covers the many interests and tastes in the student community.

 What’s on at Rokken:

  • Concerts, discos and different cultural arrangements
  • Quiz night – popular team-quiz on Wednesday nights
  • Football on a big screen
  • Open mic – the mic’s yours!
  • Festivals – the intimate atmosphere at Rokken is what makes Veka, Dokfilm, X2 and”Buddy”-week an unforgetable experience
  • The place where student organisations such as VOKS, studentavisa Peikestokken, Volda studentradio hold their meetings

Rokken Cafè
In addition to the main hall, there is Rokken Cafè which offers a varied menu with cheap and good food. The cafè has established itself as a central gathering point during festivals as is recognised by its relaxed atmosphere.

Remember to bring your student identity card and semester card to obtain your student discount entitlement.

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