Studentsamskipnaden offers care for students who wish to unload their child or children at weekends.

Students with children at nursery or early school years may apply for unloading three weekends (Saturday – Sunday) per semester.

The services are provided through the Student nursery and costs 250,- for child no. one, and 100,- for child two and three per weekend.

The available dates for the child unloading services are published per semester. The services are only provided if the demand is high enough.

The application form is available at the reception of the Studentsamskipnaden, in the Student nursery or you can print it by using the link below. The deadline for the application is the Monday prior to the first unloading services weekend.

Link to application her (DOC, 34KB).



Helgeavlasting hender

For more information please contact:

Student Advisor Eli Anne L√łksa;
70 07 51 88 / 992 37 980

or Studentsamskipnaden; 
tel. 70 07 52 40