At the board meeting on December 14, the SiVolda board approved the budget for 2024, which indicates that rental prices for dormitories and apartments will remain unchanged in 2024. The prices will not increase before at least autumn 2025, despite a significant general price rise. The Student Welfare Organization in Volda has, as of January 1, 2024, over 600 dormitories for rent ranging from £3700 per month, including electricity and broadband.

"We are doing this to support the students during a time of highly strained student finances," says Chairman Sindre Rabben Tronstad. "The cost of living has increased, especially the expenses for food and other essential goods. That's why I am very pleased that we can keep the prices unchanged."

Director Rune Aasen says that this is a helping hand to the students during financially difficult times. It is also an initiative to keep housing prices in Volda low, contributing to making Volda an attractive town to study in. Our prices represent a distribution of student welfare between current and future students. Like all stuident welfare organizations, we strive to balance this. This year, we prioritize student finances and student health.


Student health in focus 

This year's budget emphasizes student health, including a 100% increase in services for student counseling. Prevention and counseling will be focal points in the coming year. Funds will be allocated for sports activities in collaboration with the university college, and the upgrade of the student house Rokken, where informal social zones and meeting places for students will be created.

Outdoor activities and community are important health-promoting initiatives that will be emphasized in the future. We have built a boathouse near Rotevatnet where students from spring 2024 can rent boats, canoes, and SUP boards. In Volda city center, there will be a sauna project in which we are involved. Lastly, but not least, work on a new student cabin is also in progress.