Alternative aktiviter, topptur

A good study environment is important – not only for professional development, but also socially. 

SiVolda offers: 

  • Student accommodation: cheap and all-inclusive 
  • Canteen: always good food and keeps you satisfied 
  • Student nursery: close proximity to play and care
  • Students’ Union: “ROKKEN” – the natural place to gather
  • Good healthcare: refund of doctor appointments and optical equipment
  • Student advisor and nurse on campus
  • Psychological healthcare
  • Student welfare: support for teams and organisations

SiVolda cooperates closely with Høgskulen in Volda and has offices very close to the school. Høgskulen have the strategic responsibility for the welfare offer, but we have the operative. 

Everyone who pays the fee for the semester can use our offer.

What does Studentsamskipnaden do for the students in Volda?

We have a lot to offer the students in Volda, and they have an advantage due to the fact that it is we, SiVolda, that are behind the offers. As a student you can decide for us – because the students hold the majority of the board. And we give you a lot for your money: the profits go back to the students.