Terminating the contract

You have to give two month notice when moving out. It is calculated from the 15th or the last day of the month. So remember to hand your notice in in time to avoid any extra rent.

Clean properlyVask skikkeleg

You have to move out and clean the accommodations by 12 PM the last day of your rentalperiod. Check the  «cleaning memo» at the bottom of this article.

Order inspection! 

To be sure not to get any cleaning fees for poor cleaning, you can book an inspection. A caretaker comes to check if the cleaning is sufficient. Order the inspection well in advance, to make sure the care takers have time.

Common areas

You have to clean your share of the common areas. You need to agree with the person/people you live with about who cleans what.

Remove private belongings

Remember to take all your belongings with you. Remove everything that belongs to you in the accommodations, the storage and the common areas.


You don't have a two month notice when you move between our accommodations. Other than that, the same rules apply for internal moves. If you have keys for two accommodations at the same time, we will charge you for both the days you have two sets of keys. 

Returning the keys

All keys and key fabs are to be returned to us the day your contract expires. If you don't deliver the keys on time, you will be charged with a fee. Any extension to the length of your stay must be agreed in advance. 

We want to thank you for the time you have been staying with us. Good luck and you are welcome back if you need student accommodations at a later time.


Hugseliste for vask

The refrigerator must be emptied and cleaned inside and out with soapy water. Wipe with a dry cloth. Loose shelves must be removed and washed. Remember to remove remains of food from rubber strips and screws.

The freezer must be de-iced and cleaned. 

The stove must be cleaned both inside and out. Use chlorine("salmiakk") or other fat remover on the hotplates, over and oven shelves. Don't forget the glass door, knobs and the drawer if there is one.

The extractor fan must be cleaned thoroughly. Soak the filter in water & chlorine(one screw-top added) until the fat has loosned. Then rinse it in hot water.

The kitchen cabinet must be emptied and cleaned inside and out. Loose shelves must be removed and washed. 

Stainless steel worktop, the wall behind the sink and the taps must be cleaned thoroughly. Wipe with a dry cloth afterwards so that the water does not leave new spots/stains.

Furniture in the communal kitchen Wash the woodwork and vacuum the cushions and underside.

Remember to clear the veranda and wash the kitchen floor before you leave!

Furniture in room/flat The matress must be vacuumed. The woodwork and matress base must be wiped down with a damp cloth. The matress cover must be machine washed(60˚). NB! Wash separately.

The walls All the walls must be washed, and stains removed. Remember to wipe over all mouldins (including walls and ceilings). The door surface must be cleaned. Any stains on the panel ovens must be removed. Remember to lift off and clean behind the panel oven.

Ceiling All ceilings apart from concrete ceilings must be cleaned.

Bathroom Walls, ceiling and floor must be cleaned. Use one of the many cleansers intended for bathrooms. Do not forget to wipe over the tiles with a dry cloth after washing, otherwise the water will leave marks. Remember to clean the washbasin, toilet and ventilator both inside and out. Wipe over everything afterwards with a dry cloth so that the drops of water do not leave spots. The shower curtain must be washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees.

Windows must be cleaned both inside and out(where this is possible). Use a squeegee to remove the water when cleaning the windows. Do not wash the curtains. 

Wash the floors before you leave.

Laminat floors requires special care when cleaning: You have to clean the floors regularly with a vacuum cleaner or a dry mop and/or a well wrung cloth. Keep the use of water at a minimum, and finally remember to wipe up all the water.