Barn som samlar hendene sine på midten av bildet oppå kvarandreThe Røysmarka kindergarten is conveniently located on campus, right next to the Berte Kanutte house. If you are a student with children, we are flexible and can make individual adjustments around exams and practice. We go the extra mile for the students. We have long experience in looking after student children. You don't have to be a student to apply for a nursery place with us, but students and staff at VUC have priority for admission.

Skill development
The student kindergarten has good educational coverage, something that gives good expertise and high professional quality to the offer. In addition, the kindergarten has a collaboration with the VUC. They collaborate on development work in regional skills development and placement of students in kindergarten. This provides professional replenishment and knowledge to be in development as a learning organisation.

Application deadline
Røysmarka student kindergarten has the same deadlines and application forms as the other kindergartens in Volda. The application deadline is March 1st.
Outside of the main enrollment, we offer places when they are available.