There are shared laundry facilities at all the student accommodations. Heltne, Porse, Myrane og Røysmarka have got prepaid cards which are handed out to you upon your arrival. 

In the event that the card is lost, you need to notify us so that we can block it. If you fail to notify us you need to take responsibility for all usage of the card in the period it is lost. The card needs to be returned when you are moving out, failure to hand it back in will result in a payment charge. 

Washing machines and tumble dryers can only be used between 07:00 and 23:00. (The only exception is Myrane, where the laundry facility is available at all times)


  • Washing machine kr.12,-
  • Tumble dryer kr.10,-

Unfortunately we do not offer the option of using your own washing machine/ tumble dryer or dishwasher. The only exception is at the student accommodation Heltne C-011 and C-012.v

Topping up your card at Heltne, Porse, Myrane og Røysmarka.

Lading av vaskerikort / top up your laundry card at Porse
Lading av vaskerikort / top up your laundry card at Heltne
Lading av vaskerikort / top up your laundry card at Myrane
Lading av vaskerikort / top up laundry card at Røysmarka

  • You will receive Miele Logic tablets at Elvegata 24 upon your arrival. 
  • Log onto the laundry facility at Heltne, Porse, Myrane via the home page Studentsamskipnaden using your username and password
  • Select language, English or Norwegian
  • Select  <account/payment>, Your account usage will automatically pop up
  • Select  <payment into account>, followed by total on the list. At this point you are also able to choose to transfer money back into your personal bank account. 
  • Go to payment, select card type:  Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard.
  • The <reserve time>function is at the moment inactive.
  • You are now able to go to the laundry facility and begin washing by placing your chip directly on the designated area and selecting program.
  • Instructions for washing and drying are displayed on the wall in the laundry facility.
  • You can check your account at any time by logging onto the website or by receiving a receipt via the printer on the wall in the laundry facility.

  • In the event of you losing your chip you need to personally withdraw your available balance by using the webpage and password.

You can receive a new chip and password at our office by placing a deposit.