1. Student housing may be allocated to students at educational institutions affiliated to SiVolda. If vacancy occurs, units may be offered to others.
  2. The housing department in SiVolda executes the allocation of accommodation.
  3. SiVolda practices ongoing allocation and contract starts:
  • 1st of August in autumn semester
  • 1st of January in spring semester             

As far as reserved units for foreign students are concerned, contracts start either on the 1st of August or on the 1st of January.

SiVolda practices ongoing allocation whenever units are vacated for applicants who wish to move in to available units.

  1. By the autumn allocation, 60% of available units should preferably be offered to new students.
  2. Main allocation
    Students must present documentation of study admission for the coming school year within July 31.
  3. Order of priority

Rooms/ studio apartment:
Allocation by drawing of lots.

Family apartments:
By family apartments, we count 2-room and 3-room apartments with kitchen.

Order of priority when allocating family apartments are:

Small 2-room apartments (32 m2):
Couples where both are students

Large 2-room apartments:

  • Single students with children.
  • Couples where both are students, and possible children.
  • Couples where only one of them is a student.

3-room apartment:

  • Couples with children where both are students.
  • Couples with children where only one of them is a   student.
  • Single students with children.

By equal priority, there will be a drawing of lots. You get priority for each child. If the number of family members and age of children require it, SfS can overrule priority.

  1. Applicants may be prioritised on the grounds of documented medical or social circumstances. Documentation to be submitted when applying.  
  2. Applicants, who has terminated an earlier tenancy agreement, may apply. However, the application will not come into consideration until after July 1, and the applicant will be last in line for an offer of accommodation.
  3. All officers who work with applications submitted under these regulations are subject to a duty of confidentiality with regard to any private matters about which they may acquire knowledge about through their work.
  4. SiVolda has the right to control the information given in the application. Incorrect or false information may stop the application from being processed and/or the tenancy agreement may be terminated.
  5. These rules come into force on the 1st of May 2020.