The purpose of these regulations is to ensure: 

1.    That the accommodation and other equipment that the tenant provides, does not get unnecessarily damaged.
2.    That tenants are considerate towards fellow tenants, so that no tenant is affected by another tenants actions. 

1.    Queries and complaints related to the rent may be directed to the landlord or the landlord’s representative on campus. There may be special rules and regulations in places in certain student accommodations. 


  1.  Every tenant is responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness within their own accommodation. Tenants are also obligated to keep common rooms tidy and clean.
    a) Shared kitchens and common rooms are to be cleaned at least twice a week. Tenants who have their own kitchen do not have access to shared kitchens. Rubbish is to be taken out daily. Tenants must keep their fridge clean. Leftover food is to be thrown into the bin, do not let it stay out. Communal cupboards are to be kept clean and tidy.
    b) Bathrooms and toilets are to be cleaned twice a week
    c) When multiple people use shared rooms or facilities such as entrances, corridors, kitchens, a bathroom there is to be set up a cleaning rota. 
    d)Tenants are responsible to keep their own balcony area clean during their stay. This includes gutters. If you have failed to do so which has resulted in damage to the balcony, the landlord may require a payment off you to cover the cost of the repair.  
  2. If your accommodation also offers a shed, you are responsible to keep this tidy. No open flames are allowed in the shed.
  3. All rubbish is to be properly packed before placing it in the designated areas. The student accommodation sorts rubbish. 
  4. Washing machines are only to be used between 07:00-23:00
  5. You are not allowed to shake carpets or any other material out of the window or balcony. 
  6. You may only hang up pictures on the wall after having established rules with other residents of the student accommodation. The same rules apply for shared rooms and hallways. Pictures may only hung up on walls that are intended for it. 
  7. Pets are not permitted in the student accommodations.
  8. It is not permitted to plug in an engine preheater into any outlet in the student accommodation, unless there is the correct outlet for it. 
  9. You are not allowed to bring your own washing machine or furniture. Kitchen equipment is not to be replaced or taken out of the student accommodation. You are not allowed to take furniture out of your accommodation and place it on the balcony or in a common room. Tenants are responsible for the furniture.
  10. Tenants are to respect other tenants by not being unnecessarily loud. It should be quiet in all student accommodations from 11 pm onwards. Exceptions are on a Friday and Saturday night where you are to be quiet from 1 am onwards. Tenants are responsible for their guest’s behaviour in the common rooms and in their own accommodation. Whoever is responsible for the student accommodation may if necessary ask the guests to leave the premises. 
  11. Residents of the student accommodation are permitted to remove anything, which gives off an unpleasant smell. Residents are also permitted to remove anything they consider dangerous. 
  12. Bicycles, prams etc. must be placed in the designated areas.
  13. The person responsible for the student accommodations is permitted to inspect any room at any time. Normally residents will be notified before an inspection. In special cases inspections may be carried out without us notifying the resident. 
  14. Smoking is not permitted in the student houses. Smoking inside will be treated as a violation of the rental agreement.