Applicants can according to the guidelines apply for support of up to 10, 000 NOK per semester.

You can apply for financial support for the following:

  • 40% of certain types of dental treatment
  • Purchasing glasses
  • Payments for treatment from a chiropractor  
  • Psychological counselling
  • Transportation due to a disability or illness
  • Other specific conditions

You will be asked to pay 1000 NOK towards your treatment per semester regardless of the total sum of payment.


Applicants must read the Health Funds terms and conditions for the current application period and need to be aware of the documents that may be required.

Application form

Applicants need to fill out the form that is required for that semester. 

Application deadlines

The deadline for the spring semester is 15.06, and the deadline for the autumn semester is 31.12. The final deadline for forwarding documents that the Health Fund requires, is 14 days after the deadline. 


  • Financial support is sent via the post or bank. Your account number is required on the application.
  • Financial support that is less than 100 NOK will not be paid out
  • You are required to pay back financial support that is paid out under wrongful terms 

Application Health Fund

What are you studying?
Student number at HVO

Did you receive benefits from the health fund earlier in the semester?

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