You can go to the student guidance counsellor regarding any problems or questions, some examples may include:

•    Needing help in difficult situations
•    Grief, anxiety or depression
•    Relationships with family, friends or fellow students

Receiving guidance from a counsellor is free and all counsellors have signed a confidentiality agreement. 

Student guidance counsellor 
Our student guidance counsellor, Eli Anne Løksa, is available in her office at Studentsamskipnaden, Elvegata 24.  

Office hours: 
Monday-Thursday 09:00-15:00

Contact details:
Telephone: 70 07 51 88
Mobile: +47 992 37 980

It's not always easy having to deal with problems by yourself, please contact us if you need someone to talk to.

VUC has other counsellors, check them out here.