Contact us in the Studensamskipnaden for more information: 70 07 52 40


Båt Volda


Free boat rental by Rotevatnet

As a student in Volda you can rent a boat for free from Volda Jeger- og Sportsfiskarlag. The boat is a Pioneer and is 13 feet. You can find it by Årneset friluftsområde by Rotevatnet. The boat is locked with a padlock. You can collect oars and lifejackets from us in Studentsamskipnaden during office hours. 

When you have collected the key, send a message to Knut Magne Årset who is responsible. Let him know when you want to use the boat on 95 13 25 53. When you are finished using the boat please return all equipment to Studentsamskipsnaden as soon as possible so that others can use the boat as well. 

The boat is certified to hold maximum 5 people. All passengers must wear a lifejacket. Feel free to fish in Rotevatnet using a pole or an oter.