The student council, teams and organisations that are part of Høgskulen i Volda, can apply for financial support for the running or organising of projects and other activities. Such financial support is awarded twice a year.

Application deadlines: 1st February and 1st October

Guidelines for awards
Sivolda split the awards to teams and organisations into two categories.

Category 1:

Up to 1/3 of the budgeted amount is directly awarded to the boards of the student council/student associations.

Category 2:

The remaining amount is awarded in support for different teams and organisations for various projects and activities run on their behalf.

Sivolda will inform the student organisations in due course and will send out application forms for the awards for Category 2.

For Category 1 each student council board or student team board will be awarded an equal amount towards the operation, administration and different arrangements. It is a prerequisite that each board provides an Annual Report including financial figures (P/L and Balance accounts).

The student council/student association board can decide if they wish to apply for Category 2 financial support in addition to Category 1.

- Application (DOC, 26KB)


Criteria for evaluating category 2

  1. Sivolda seeks to award financial support to projects/activities that will be of benefit to the largest number of students as possible and that also be of benefit to future students.
  2. Sivolda aims to ensure that the financial support awarded to the organisations provides a varied offer both culturally and socially and thus stimulates the creative and innovative thoughts within the student environment.
  3. Sivolda does not award financial support to any organisations related to political or educational interests.

Application requirements for Category 2

The application for Category 2 MUST BE COMPLETED including the following appendices:

  • P/L and Balance accounts from previous year including comments and remarks
  • Budget and comments for the application period
  • Annual report for the last available financial year
  • Annual plan for the application year
  • Organisations that hand out newslettes and magazines etc must provide issues of these for the previous application period

The Student Welfare Council will evaluate all Category 2 applications and will decide awards. The Board of Studentsamskipnaden i Volda is the appeal board.

PS! Remember to include a list of inventory for the team/organisation. This is also to inculde date of purchase, price and the state of the inventory.